Health care in America


Health care in America is of high standards. Surveys have shown that the share of health care on a per capita basis is more than any other country in the world. However, the cost of health care is also pretty high in the country. As such, most Americans make a proper health care planning to get the best benefits out of the health care system.

Medical insurance is one of the main aspects of healthcare in America. To cope up with the rising health care costs, most of the Americans rely on some type of health insurance policies. According to recent surveys, around 84.7% of American citizens have some type of health insurance policy. By opting for a proper insurance plan, you can easily cope up with various types of health care expenses.

Medicare is the national health insurance program in the US. It is sponsored by the federal government and is a type of social insurance program which provides the health care costs for the older adults and their dependants. Medicaid is another health care insurance program which caters to the lower income groups. It is rightly suited for low income parents, low income old Americans, disabled people and others.

Healthcare in America aid a mixture of both public funding and private funding. The government provides both inpatient and outpatient services. American citizens are entitled to various types of health care benefits and policies accordingly. There are also managed care organizations which consist of Health maintenance organizations (HMOs) and Preferred provider organizations (PPOs).

Non profit hospitals and health care centers form a major part of healthcare in America. State governments, county governments, independent nonprofit institutions manage these hospitals. In most cases, inpatient care is provided in the hospitals while there are some places where emergency outpatient care and specialized services are available as well. There is a wide range of health care centers such as old age clinics, gynecologic specialty clinics, obstetric clinics, family planning clinics and so on. Research and innovation also forms a major part of healthcare in America.

Apart from the medical facilities and services at subsidized rates, health care system in America also provides retirees and aged Americans with a number of facilities and services like rehabilitation costs, post hospital care, mental counseling and other related services. The main goal of these benefits is to ensure that the aged have a stress free and active lifestyle.