Be an Informed Patient


It is good to play a “proactive” role as a patient, and try to learn about your illness. The internet and libraries are good resources. If you come across some information that you would like to share with your doctor, or maybe you would like some clarification-don’t hesitate to contact your doctor. Try to get in touch with others who suffer from similar ailments. It helps to exchange notes.

A few things to avoid when you visit a doctor

There are certain practices that you may want to avoid if you want your doctor to give you his or her best:

  • Do not assume an “I know it all…” attitude. Listen to what your doctor has to tell you. It is not good practice to try to “test” the doctor.
  • Do not try to tell the doctor what he should be doing. If you are concerned about something, get it clarified.
  • It’s certainly your right to know about your body and what you can get from Medicare, but please do not take on an “I’m entitled to this…” attitude.
  • If you have changed doctors, avoid badmouthing your former doctor.
  • It may not be a good idea to complain to a doctor about his staff unless you have faced a really extreme situation.
  • Never come up with unethical suggestions like asking for a false medical report to get disability benefits.