The Necessity of Dietary Supplements in Old Age

 What are dietary supplements?

Your dietary habits play a central role in maintaining health in your advanced years. The one way you can ensure a fulfilling and active retired life is by maintaining the right kind of food habit. Nutrition acquired through a proper meal of fresh produces of green vegetables, fruits and grains has no alternative. However, your body may not be in a position to make the maximum usage of the nutrients you consume with your natural food with age. In that case, it often becomes necessary to complement your regular diet with additional supplements. The necessity of dietary supplements is thus often felt with old age.

You require the right balance of nutrition to help you enjoy quality life in your retirement years. Proper nutrition helps you maintain both good physical and emotional health. Supplements act as safeguards towards ensuring your body receives an adequate amount of essential micronutrients.

According to the definition given by The Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act, dietary supplements are products which

  • contain one or more dietary ingredients and supplement your food
  • come in the form of tablets, pills, capsules or liquid
  • are clearly labeled as dietary supplement

Dietary Supplements can be of different types. Dietary or nutritional supplements may be vitamins or minerals which help in overall functioning of your body or they may be herbal supplements which are specific for liver, bones or skin. Amino Acid supplements are also effective for the body to function normally. You have to carefully choose what suits you, what supplements you need to consume and in what quantity. A doctor’s or dietician’s help is best for you to decide on the nature and dosage of your dietary supplements.