Special Nutritional Needs During Ageing


Health As you prepare to enjoy your retirement you need to make sure you take special care of your nutritional needs in your senior years. As you advance in years, your body develops special nutritional needs. What you eat will determine how well you age. Your nutrition can be the key to an emotionally balanced and active lifestyle. The most usual causes contributing towards dietary problems related to Old age are given below.

Why is it difficult to follow a proper diet in your older years?

As you age, you may experience several problems in following a proper diet. The problems could be due to physical reasons, emotional reasons or even your lifestyle. Some of the reasons why it may be challenging to eat well after age 50 are:

Loss of appetite: You may feel a loss of appetite because your senses of smell and taste have altered and you no longer enjoy your food. Or you may have changed your lifestyle and feel lonely. Or you may be suffering from a medical problem which has affected your appetite.

Prescription drugs: If you are on medication then you could experience a loss in appetite since some drugs have a negative influence on your appetite.

Digestion: Your digestive system undergoes some changes so that you generate less saliva and stomach enzymes. Your body has difficulties processing important vitamins and minerals like folic acid, B6 and B12 which are vital in maintaining good digestion and circulation.

Metabolism: Your metabolism slows down after you reach forty so that you burn fewer calories than you did before. This means that you may not feel like eating as much as before.

Activity level: You may have cut down on your physical activities due to medical or physical reasons, which means you burn fewer calories now.

Emotional factors: Loneliness and depression are emotional factors that have a major effect on your diet. It could cause an alarming loss in appetite or it may sometimes trigger overeating.

Lifestyle changes: You have changed your lifestyle; you may be single for the first time in years and do not know anything about cooking. Or you may not simply feel like cooking only for yourself. You may also have a limited budget and so buying healthy food may be a problem for you. Any of these factors, or their combinations, can result in disrupting your eating habits as you approach old age. However, the importance of a balanced diet also increases with age as well. So it is important that you counter these problems with a proper planning in your dietary habits.