Nutrition – Overall Health Tips for Seniors


You need to have an overall knowledge about nutrition if you want to have a healthy body and an active mind. With age, our physical resistance decreases and this makes us prone to various diseases. If we follow a proper diet which meets all our nutritional requirements, we can remain fit in old age. Deficiencies, excesses or imbalances in diet can result in poor health and these may lead to various diseases. Find valuable overall health tips for seniors below.

What should be the proper food pyramid?

According to the book on Dietary Guidelines for Americans, the proper food pyramid should maintain the following principles:

  • At the base of the pyramid, there should be food like bread, cereals, rice and pastas
  • The second level consists of abundant vegetables and fruits
  • The third level includes milk, yogurt and cheese group, eggs, dry beans, poultry, meat and nuts group
  • The top-most level contains fats, oils, sweets and junk foods

What are the nutritional problems of old age?

  • Inappropriate nutritional habits
  • Higher vitamin and mineral requirement in order to fight the side effects of medication
  • Lack of appetite
  • Detrimental digestion
  • Change of taste and smell
  • Recurrent suffering from various diseases
  • Side-effects of drugs
  • Poor condition of dentures
  • Half or full prostheses
  • Psychological disorders
  • Social isolation or financial problems


What can be a balanced diet for the elderly people?

  • Try to consume substantial amounts of milk and milk products, plenty of fluids, especially water, fresh fruits, vegetables particularly green leafy vegetables
  • Sufficient intake of calcium
  • Supplements of vitamin D