Organic Food – An Overview


Why should you know about Organic Food?

“To eat or not to eat…” the battle between organic and non-organic foods rages on! In case you have been won over to the “go organic” side then you would certainly like to know more about organic food and how to find some of the popular organic food stores in the US.

The difference between organically grown produce and its conventional counterpart is in the way they are grown. Where chemical fertilizers and insecticides are used by conventional farmers, organic farmers apply natural fertilizers like manure or compost. Organic meat also comes from “naturally” reared animals, which are allowed access to the outdoors and are given organic feed to eat. No “power fodder” is provided for these animals. Organic milk is obtained in a similar manner from cattle that are reared on natural fodder, and no special injections or “power fodder” is fed to these animals. A balanced diet and clean housing separate them from conventional farm animals, which are injected with growth hormones, antibiotics and medications to prevent diseases. You can find organic food in any of the numerous organic food stores in the US.

In fact, whether you are a part of the “organic or non-organic” battle or not, you may have been consuming organic food stuffs without even thinking about it. If you have a kitchen garden and you use natural fertilizers to grow your vegetables then in a way you belong to the “organic” crowd. However, in case you use “genetically engineered” seeds then you may be frowned upon by those who have gone “100% natural,” and use only “natural” seeds.

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