Unconventional Activities to Stay Fit




There are various unconventional types of activities that you could follow to improve your health condition. They are as follows:

  • Gardening: Gardening is an enjoyable form of non-conventional exercise that can help seniors to keep fit. It has a de-stressing effect on the mind and increases mobility and flexibility of the body parts. Various activities like bending, reaching and moving, actually help you to enhance your flexibility. If you are suffering from diseases like osteoporosis, then this activity will benefit you greatly. Along with this you will feel your stress levels subside and feel more energetic.
  • Home renovation: Add a little spice to your life by engaging yourself in decorating your home whenever you find time. Activities like adding a new coat of paint to your walls, washing the window panes, cleaning up your garage or repairing your attic can provide you with a lot of physical activity. This in turn, will make your body stronger and healthier. These activities will improve your mental condition as you will feel a sense of freshness in your home.
  • Sex: Orgasms can have a soothing and relaxing effect on the mind and body, significantly increasing metabolism. Matured partners can have sex without fear of unwanted pregnancy. Regular sex improves blood circulation of the body, lessens stress levels and gives you a feeling of completeness. Sex is a very natural form of rejuvenating exercise. This also helps to boost your body’s immune system. Through regular sex you can keep healthy and fit and benefit from a strong bonding of togetherness with your partner. There are various clinical findings that support the theory that regular sex can help you live healthier and longer. Some of the benefits of maintaining a healthy sexual life in your later years may be:
    • Sexual activity burns fat and stimulates the brain to release endorphins which help in reducing anxiety and pain.
    • It helps in release of chemicals that boost your body’s immune system.
    • Sexual activity stimulates release of testosterone and growth hormones that help in strengthening the bones and muscles in men.
    • It improves your urinary bladder function
    • It also helps you maintain a healthy prostrate gland
    • It also strengthens your heart and lowers your risk of cardiac problems
    • It can slow aging and prevent wrinkles around your eyes.
    • It helps in reducing depression
    • Sex stimulates the production of sex hormones in your body which enable you to maintain your vigor for longer years.

Besides the activities mentioned above, if you have grandchildren, you can always baby-sit for them which will put you through a lot of activity (not to mention the tantrums of little children you will be faced with) and help you keep active and fit! This will too improve you mental health, endurance and build a stronger family bonding.