Maximizing Your Health and Enjoyment in Retired Life


Enjoying the Later Years

There is little doubt that advancements in science and technology, medicine and healthcare have today enabled older Americans to live healthier and longer lives than former generations. According to AoA (Administration on Aging), there were 37.9 million persons age 65 years or above in the US in 2007, comprising 12.6% of the total population. By 2030, this number is expected to increase by 71.5 million, comprising 20% of the total American population. Therefore, finding ways of leading a healthy retired life is becoming all the more important with time. While staying healthy is important at all ages, focusing on wellness and prevention becomes critical to maintaining the quality of our life in our later years. Global studies conducted on aging suggest that healthy eating, injury prevention, physical and mental fitness, not smoking, restrained use of alcohol, active social involvement and regular healthcare play a vital role in maintaining independence and health during old age.