Side Effects of Zone Therapy


Are there any side effects of zone therapy?

Zone therapy does not worsen any pre-existing condition. But some patients may experience slight discomfort during the second session of the treatment. This primarily happens because the first therapy session eases a lot of the pain and discomfort. This leads to heightened sensitivity of the tender points, when pressure is again applied to them at the time of the next session.

During foot therapy treatments, some may experience an emotional release. A few people experience fatigue as the body responds to the treatment by requiring more sleep to rest and repair its system. Who are qualified to carry out these treatments?

Who are qualified to carry out these treatments?

The American Reflexology Certification Board (ARCB), an independent organization, gives certifications to reflexology practitioners. The candidates need to complete the educational requirements and sit for a qualifying examination. Candidates, who are selected, receive the “Board Certified Reflexologist” title. In Sacramento and California, reflexologists are licensed as practitioners of somatic therapy. In Tennessee and New Mexico, reflexology has earned the distinction of being separate from common massage therapies. The states of New York, Pennsylvania, Florida and New Jersey are still awaiting court judgments to legalize reflexology.