Yoga Diet


Yoga diet is not based on the nutritional value (proteins, vitamins and minerals) but the effect that food has on the body. According to the principles of Yoga, food has been classified based on the three “Gunas” (qualities) –

Sattva – quality of love, life and light.
Raja – quality of passion, energy and lacking stability.
Tamas – quality of ignorance and darkness.

Sattva: Vegetables (specially, green leafy vegetables), honey, milk, nuts, most fruits and whole grains.

Raja: Spicy food, eggs, meat, tea, fish, chocolates, garlic, coffee. This is recommended for people with an active lifestyle. For those seeking mental peace, these types of food items are best avoided.

Tamas: These food items are harmful and should be avoided. Stale or overripe fruits and alcohol fall in this category. According to the principles of yoga excess eating is also Tamasic. For more detailed information about Yoga diet and the act of preparing food, please refer to websited like “YogaHolidays.Net” and “YogaWiz.Com.”