Side Effects of Yoga


As such, no negative effects of yoga have been proved. If practiced under the guidance of a skilled teacher it does not pose any risk to your health. However you must be careful under certain circumstances and consult your doctor before undertaking any yoga lessons. If you have high/low blood pressure, severe osteoporosis or any spinal problems then it is advisable not to practice Yoga.

Most often certain changes in the excretory functions or a slight gastric reaction are considered to be side effects of yoga. The reason for such an assumption is that, often when you stop your yoga routine, owing to such a condition, the “effect” also vanishes. Actually such “effects” or “conditions” are a result of yoga effectively working on your system. However, it is good to remember that yoga must be practiced under the guidance of an experienced professional.

At times practicing without proper guidance may result in certain physical discomforts (like muscle pain, fatigue, nausea or vomiting). These usually occur when the yoga poses and breathing techniques are not performed correctly. So it is always advisable to practice yoga under the guidance of a skilled yoga professional. Internal bleeding, muscle pull or torn ligaments are serious consequences that you may have to endure, if yoga is not practiced under proper guidance. Mental side effects like panic attacks, confusion, may result due to incorrect yoga practices or too much practice. Yes, excess yoga is also harmful. Do consult your yoga trainer about the frequency of your yoga workouts.

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