How Yoga Works


Having learnt about the different types and benefits of Yoga, you may well want to know how this alternative medicine option works. Mentioned below are a few case studies which might help you to know how Yoga works.

Does Yoga work?

Do you often find it difficult to fall asleep? Are you a chronic insomniac? If yes, then yoga may provide a solution. A study published in 2004 revealed that Kundalini Yoga can indeed solve sleeping disorders. If practiced for 35 – 40 minutes daily, during the course of 8 weeks, then this is indeed effective in curing insomnia to an extent. For more information, refer to:

Another study conducted at the National Institute of mental Health and Neuroscience, Bangalore revealed that meditation (a part of yoga practice) does affect the mind. For details, you can check at, Another study published in 2000 revealed that meditative practice does influence the working of the autonomic nervous system. Attention and control are two such functions that are activated by the practice of meditation. More details about the study can be found at: