Aromatherapy – Products


What are the different aromatherapy products available in the market?

Apart from the aromatherapy oils there are various other products available in the market that incorporate the aromatherapy principle .These aromatherapy products include:

  • Skin care products like body lotions and moisturizers
  • Bath salts
  • Massage oils
  • Aromatherapy candles
  • Aromatherapy soaps
  • Aromatherapy diffuser

To read more on aromatherapy and essential oils you may refer to these books:

  • Aromatherapy:An A-Z by Patricia Davis
  • Aromatherapy: To Heal And Tend The Body by Robert Tisserand
  • Essential Oil Safety by Robert Tisserand
  • Aromatherapy and the Mind: An Exploration by Julia Lawless
  • Art of Aromatherapy: The Healing And Beautifying by Robert Tisserand

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