Money can be defined as a record or an object which is usually accepted in exchange of goods as well as services. The essential functions of money are often characterized as-

  • A unit of account
  • A medium of exchange
  • A store of value
  • A standard of deferred payment

Life is a challenge, think for your own self- just when you may find things easier and simpler, a sudden crisis may strike you. Hence, having money shouldn’t be your essential goal; instead you need to be familiar with the art of money management as well. Money management, in simple words, is the art of managing money. It comprises of budgeting, investment, taxes as well as banking. It is also referred to as investment management.

You can resort to the online option so as to make money. Some of the ideal options through which you can make money include-


  • If you have enough time at your hand then you can opt for the freelancing opportunity to make money online. Some of the freelancing ideas include- web designing, web writing, computer related jobs to name a few.
  • Count on Google Adsense to make money
  • You can sign up with web hosting companies as a reseller and sell the domain and hosting names
  • Join eBay and pave your way to make money online
  • Try creating websites, building a couple of links, generate traffic to name a few


Once you come to know how to make money, you need to further proceed with the idea of how to invest money. Some of the steps that will help you with money investment include:

  • Examine your financial goals
  • Come up with a financial plan
  • Diversify your money. In other words, you need to invest in different types of investments. This is an ideal way through which you can protect your money from losses.
  • Before you invest your hard earned money you need to have a sound knowledge about the taxation laws
  • Last, but not, the least, you need to re-assess your needs periodically. After determining a plan of investment actions ensure re-assessing your investment goals.