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Prevention from dishonest financial planners

If you are planning to invest after retirement, you should be careful about whom to depend for your finances. Before you rely on a financial advisor, it is better to check their credentials.

Go for a reliable broker:

To avoid fraud of any kind, you should find a broker who will always keep you informed about the transactions. Focus on transparency between you and the broker. Most of the transactions should have a written document so that in case of a problem you have enough proof in your hands. To avoid fraud make sure that the broker who seems to be interested in any transaction is not a policy buyer at the same time. In case he is both there is always a conflict of issues. While you are gathering ample knowledge about the broker you should be also aware of the fee structure.

Go through the fee structures:

Take note of the different fee structures of the broker so that there are lesser chances that you will be cheated. The amount that is paid to the broker is calculated on the basis of a percentage. If you have already paid an amount for the Life Insurance, the fees of the brokers can be calculated on that amount. In other instances, the fees of the broker depend on the percentage of the settled amount or the brokered amount. Make sure that the maximum number of institutional bidders bid for your policy. The more they bid, the more you are going to be benefited from your Life Insurance Settlements.

Plan a safe and secured transaction:

If you want to have a safe and secured transaction then make sure that you have the maximum protection from frauds. One thing that you should notice while planning for any transaction is that the Life Settlement broker should always deal with large investors and institutions. Smaller financial groups create problems and take no liability if there is a problem. In case of large investors and institutions, there are lesser chances that you will be cheated or there will be a fraud. If you are still unsure about the broker and the legitimacy of the institution, make sure that you go through the rules and regulations of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. It is always better to take the help of a broker who adheres to the rules of Model Viatical Settlement Act.

Ensure the broker has proper license:

Before making any kind of transaction make sure that the broker has proper licenses. While states like Pennsylvania, Florida, Texas, and Ohio have strict rules and regulations, the situation in other states is more relaxed. When you are making any financial transaction, you are narrating very personal details to the broker. As you will be divulging your insurance details it is better to make sure that can rely fully on the brokers. With all this information ready at hand you will definitely get the best deal in the market.


Being cautious while choosing a financial advisor will save you from getting your hard-earned money being misappropriated.