Figuring Out What Retirement Locations You Prefer?

There are a lot of questions you will have to answer by your last day of work. You will have to set up pay outs from your investment portfolio, adjust your lifestyle, and maybe even plan a long vacation to celebrate. Another major issue that might come up along the way is where you’ll live. You may have taken it for granted you’d be staying put, but there are all sorts of attractive retirement locations out there. Would you prefer to continue living in your current home? Do you have an itch to explore somewhere else with your newfound free time? Here are four factors you must consider when thinking about where to spend your golden years:
Proximity to Family and Friends
Have your children stayed close to home? Do you meet regularly with a close-knit social group? Deciding to pick up and go somewhere else will affect your ability to see them, obviously. Coordinating travel for holidays can be expensive and time consuming, but advancements in Internet technology have made it much easier to connect using video in real time. Of course, if you’re at the head of one of the quickly-growing number of families that’s spread out across the country, chances are you are already taking advantage of it.
Big City or Small Town
After spending a lifetime in one place, you might feel like partaking in a different kind of cultural experience. Perhaps the hustle and bustle of a major metropolitan area has left you yearning for some peace and quiet in a more rural area. Maybe you’re in the mood for the opposite: touring museums and seeing plays in a cosmopolitan city instead of the routine calm in a peaceful town. Be aware of the differences in property taxes and housing costs. Some states have lower property taxes than others and, in larger population centers, the law of supply and demand leads to higher prices. If you opt to leap into a larger pond, make sure your retirement planning has prepared you appropriately for the financial differences.
Employment Opportunities
If there’s a chance you would like to keep working part-time, it might benefit you to do some research about the job market for retirees. As Baby Boomers near retirement age, there is bound to be a shortage of workers, so you might find a part-time position available to supplement your income and keep you socially active. That said, you might find a means to build up a business out of your home wherever you go – the Internet has led to a wide range of possibilities for those willing to put forth the effort.
Quality of Healthcare Facilities
When you’re sick – or if you have a condition requiring specialized care – you want to make sure you can get access to the best services possible. As you weigh the different options you are bound to come across, consider the availability of top-notch medical staff in the area. Though it may be appealing to become an expatriate living near the beach in Costa Rica, it might be a challenge to get access to prescription medications in a timely manner.

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