Lexus LS 460

Make heads turn while you drive the luxurious Lexus LS 460. This car is sure to impress your family and neighbors. The car is known for its luxury and excellent performance. The car features a number of senior-friendly features for you. Its opulent interior and quiet ride will make your ride a comfortable one.

The roomy cabin and stylish furnishing gives it a luxurious look. If you are having joint pain and unable to turn your wrist, the car’s keyless ignition will be very helpful. Press the ignition button and snap, you are ready to go! You can drive comfortably with the various seat adjustments to suit your needs.

This senior-friendly car has the following features:

  • Advanced parking guidance system – This system enables you to park without hassles
  • Height-adjustable driver seat – You can adjust the height of the driver’s seat for comfortable driving. The driver seat comes with a 12-way power-adjustable mode. It also has a power-adjustable lumbar support for your back and neck support. The seat can memorize settings for up to three drivers.
  • Bluetooth connectivity – With this you can connect wirelessly to any Bluetooth enables device.
  • Heated driver and passenger seats – The heated seats can help you in relieving some of your backaches and pains.
  • Backup camera – The camera helps you see while reversing so you don’t have to turn your head often.
  • Adaptive cruise control – Gives you the ability to control the car and give you a smooth drive
  • Voice-activated navigation system – You can’t be lost without this system. It helps you to find the best possible route and directions.