BMW 7 Series

The BMW 7 Series is a full-size luxury sedan, ideal for seniors. This car features excellent performance and comfort. You will love the plush interiors with its luxurious features. The car is also senior-friendly and you as a senior will love it. If you are suffering from arthritis, driving the BMW 7 Series won’t be a problem. It has various features to help you drive effortlessly and enjoy your ride.

Choose from among the various BMW 7 Series cars according to your choice. The 7 Series is available as 750i Sedan, 750Li Sedan, and 760Li Sedan. Some of the features of this senior-friendly car are:


  • Power front comfort seats – Drive comfortably with the 14-way power driver’s seat adjustment. The front passenger’s seat also has a 12-way power adjustment. These feature thigh support, backrest width, adjustable upper backrest, and active head restraints
  • Bluetooth Wireless Technology –You can stay connected with mobile phones and use it in hands-free mode. Place and answer calls, browse and select contacts by using the radio keys and multifunction steering wheel controls
  • Comfort Access-You can unlock the doors, turn on or off the engine through the remote key
  • Active Cruise Control – With this you can control the speed according to your set speed limits
  • Park Distance Control, front and rear –You can park easily as the car tells you how far you are from objects while parking
  • Dynamic Stability Control – You can drive at ease in high speeds, wet roads or in uneven terrain


  • Night Vision – Driving at night won’t be a problem, as you can see pedestrians or animals up to 328 yards through the infrared camera
  • Heated front seats with fast heating and balance control
  • Active front head restraints