Community Service-Volunteer for Community Service

Why should you volunteer for community service?

The most important question to ask yourself, when you want to volunteer is, why do you want to do so. We all have some issues that are close to our heart and above all we have the desire to make something worthy of our lives. Imagine the bright, eager face of a 7 year old in Malawi who has been orphaned by AIDS and now imagine how you can bring him the gift of “hope” through providing him a roof over his head and an education. Organizations like the Peace Corps, and the Salvation Army are working with thousands of dedicated volunteers to make a difference, through their education programs, rehabilitation programs, house-building programs, medical assistance and disaster relief programs.
Another important consideration while volunteering is to best match your skills to the services available to join. We all have some skill sets, certain things that we do better than others. When you volunteer, it is a good idea to first determine where is it that you can put your skills to best use.


  • For example if you have been a teacher or love to teach, then there are various teaching programs like “Teach for America” or “United Way of America” that you can volunteer to join. If you strongly believe that everyone should have the right to education, it will be a golden opportunity for you to bring education to the less privileged. A lot of patience and an in-depth knowledge of the subjects you plan to teach will make you a good volunteer for volunteer services that are related to teaching.
  • If you have strong business skills, are good at financial planning and give sound business advice, you can join the “Business Development” programs of organizations like “Peace Corps” to help promote economic opportunities in communities with slow economic growth.
  • If you are an environment lover and have expertise in areas like environmental science, forestry and biology you can get involved in the projects of forest conservation and wild-life protection. Organizations like the Peace Corps have programs that are related to conservation of the environment.


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