Volunteer at Disaster Sites


Why should you want to volunteer at disaster sites?

A tornado that leaves thousands homeless, a tidal wave that turns a bustling sea resort into a graveyard in the span of a few minutes, an earthquake that takes away countless lives, a volcanic mud slide that leaves behind a trail of ruined families, a terrorist attack that leaves people asking “why us,” a forest fire that ravages entire neighborhoods — how often have you seen these in the news, or read about them in the newspapers? Maybe you or people you’ve known have even faced some of these disasters. In those times of crises, you may have even thought of helping by joining in the rescue work as a volunteer at these disaster sites. You must have felt the urge to help, to reach out to the victims.
You wanted to be part of all those who wanted to rehabilitate their lives in the aftermath of these disasters. Maybe you never had the time, but now as you prepare to retire, you may actually have the option of reaching out to others who need your help, or to pay back the compassion and help that you received from one of those volunteers. This may be the best way for you to really mean that “thanks a lot buddy,” not just say it. You can join the many seniors and retirees in the US who have taken to volunteering at disaster sites.

One of the most exciting options that you may consider after retirement is training to be a volunteer at a disaster site. You may be wondering why we are talking about training? The reason is that volunteers should get involved in the rescue or rehabilitation work and not add to the confusion by needing to be rescued themselves! It is for this reason that you need to have a formal affiliation with a disaster management agency, and receive proper training from the organization. At times, untrained volunteers are not allowed at disaster sites.

By choosing to be a volunteer at a disaster site, you will be doing a real service to the community.

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