Teach For America – Objectives

What is the objective of the Teach for America Program?

The Teach For America program intends to do away with the inequality in the field of education. It aspires to offer each and every child in the country with equal opportunity for education. It employs college graduates for a period of two years. They are appointed in various schools scattered across the length and breadth of the country, in both rural and urban areas.

How can seniors in the US contribute to Teach For America?

The Teach For America organization is always on the lookout for people who can volunteer as teachers. They seek people from diverse backgrounds and willing to offer their services as teachers. As a senior, you can always join the organization as a teacher and offer voluntary services. You can use your knowledge, skill and years of experience to educate children.

Get trained as a “Teach for America” corp.

In case you are worried that you may not be able to teach “efficiently,” there is no need to get worried. The Teach For America program has an intensive “five-week summer preparation” for their members. They ensure that you get trained as a teacher. In case you are interested in joining the “Teach For America” corps we suggest that you check the section on “The Corps Experience,” at www.teachforamerica.org. Get more information on Teach For America

In case you want more information on Teach For America, we suggest you can also check at, www.teachforamerica.org.

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