Teach For America


Why should “Teach For America” be a good choice for you?

Retirement marks the beginning of an altogether different phase of life. You no longer need to worry about meeting deadlines, attending conferences and making presentations. Now you get to lead your life at your own pace. You can travel to distant parts of the world or involve yourself in some kind of community service. The last is about saying your “thank you” to the community for standing by you all these years.

Some decide to join as volunteers at disaster sites while there are others who look for educational volunteer opportunities. Teaching can be a very fulfilling occupation. If you want to touch someone’s life, and to help someone learn something new then teaching can be a great way to spend your leisure time. The “Teach For America” program offers seniors and retirees in the US an opportunity to engage themselves in such a service.


When was the Teach For America organization established?

Teach For America was established in 1990. The initiative for its establishment was undertaken by Wendy Kopp. She came up with the idea during her undergraduate days at the Princeton University. It marked a new beginning in the education sector as students willingly took up teaching as their profession when they still had other profitable options to choose from. Wendy Kopp succeeded in generating an initial fund of $ 2.5 million. In its very first year, its teaching faculty comprised 500 young men and women. It has expanded to include17,000 candidates. It has become the largest body providing teachers for the low income sections of the society. Right from its inception, it has worked incessantly to do away with the educational inequity.

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