Salvation Army – Focus

What are the areas that the Salvation Army focuses on?

The Salvation Army works in diverse fields like:

  • Youth services
  • Adult rehabilitation
  • Community service clubs
  • Women and children
  • Disaster Relief
  • Human trafficking
  • Senior services

The Salvation Army helps under privileged seniors in the US by taking care of their basic needs and also looks into alternative employment opportunities for seniors and retirees. Housing and recreational opportunities are also looked into.

How are the Salvation Army donations put to use?

The Salvation Army donations are used for rehabilitation at the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Centers. The center takes care of individuals whose participation in the mainstream of life is affected by their dependence on chemical substances. During the process of rehabilitation psychological, spiritual and physical characteristics are all taken into account.

If your interests in life are one with the goals of the Salvation Army, then you can join the group without any further delay.

Get more information on Salvation Army.

In case you would like more details on the Salvation Army in the US, you may check at If you want to know about the international operations of the Salvation Army, we suggest that you check at the Salvation Army international home page at

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