Mission of the Salvation Army

Originally the Salvation Army was involved in evangelical purposes. Over the years, its mission has come to include acts of charity, philanthropy and social services. Since 2004, the Salvation Army has offered assistance to about 33 million people. The social service program of the Salvation Army concentrates on providing the basic necessities to the under privileged, and takes care of clothing, food and shelter and finances. It functions through its social services wing located at the following locations:

  • The Leid Renaissance Center at Omaha in Nebraska: The Leid Renaissance Center has acquired the reputation of being the biggest social service center under one roof. Its programs feature everything from child care to care for the seniors in US. It provides accommodation to as many as 160 homeless people. The people of Omaha contribute generously for Salvation Army donations.
  • Emergency Assistance Program: Under the Emergency Assistance Program in operation at Washington DC, residents are provided with limited financial means are provided with clothing, food, financial assistance and shelter.

Join the Salvation Army as a volunteer

Salvation Army functions effectively and this can be attributed to its highly efficient team of soldiers, officers, employees and volunteers. Following your retirement you can join the Salvation Army as a volunteer. In fact the contribution of the volunteers to the work of the Salvation Army in the US is immense.

As a volunteer of the Salvation Army you might be assigned a wide variety of tasks. You might be involved in working with children or with the sick. At present there are as many as 3 million people in US, working with the Salvation Army as volunteers. People from different communities and sections of the society, form a part of the volunteers section of the Salvation Army. They are the driving force behind the smooth functioning of the Salvation Army. The volunteers help the Salvation Army to reach out to people in distant parts of the country. Volunteering for the Salvation Army can demand a lot of your time and energy, but it is a very rewarding occupation.

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