Salvation Army


Your retirement years give you the scope to pursue your interests. You might be of a religious bent of mind and always wanted to be actively associated with an evangelical society. Following your retirement you can become a part of the Salvation Army and their mission. In fact, the Salvation Army is for anyone who wants to help others. Joining the Salvation Army may be a good way of showing that you care. At the same time, for seniors and retirees, joining a community service like the Salvation Army is a great way of staying active. If you are planning an “active retirement” then joining the Salvation Army may be a choice that you will like.
Salvation Army was founded by William Booth in 1865 at London. Established as an evangelical society, it sought to spread the message of Christianity. The members of the Salvation Army came to be known as the Salvationists. The army slowly managed to expand and acquired a base in the US.


If you think that the Salvation Army is another evangelical organization that spreads the word of God, you are mistaken. It is difficult to list all those social welfare activities that are carried out by the Salvation Army.

When was the Salvation Army established in the US?
The Salvation Army convened its first meeting in the US at Philadelphia in 1879. Gradually the organization made its presence felt in other states of the country like Kentucky, California, New Jersey, Indiana, Connecticut, Michigan, New York, Massachusetts, Maryland, Pennsylvania and Ohio


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