Services Offered by Rescue Mission

Name of organization: Nashville Rescue Mission
State/County/City: Nashville, Tennessee
Date of establishment:

Programs: The “Barnaby House” is a 6-monthly residential program which seeks to restore traumatized men to normal life through counseling. The “Anchor Program” is aimed to equip men from 18 – 24 with emotional, spiritual, mental skills to lead independent, confident lives. The “Carl Resner Men’s Shelter” provides food, shelter and clothing to homeless men while enriching with Christian support and guidance. The “Family Life Center” is a similar program for women and children.

The “Hope Center” offers the resources needed to overcome addictions and lead a stable life through a 6-monthly residential program. This program is aimed at single women and a mother and her children.
The “Samaritan Education Center” offers learning and educational support to clients of all other programs to enable them to live life productively. The Mission also provides “Traveler’s Aid” in the form of bus passes and guidance to people from the streets to return to friends and family. Website:


Name of organization: Orange County Rescue Mission
State/County/City: Orange County, California
Date of establishment: 1963

Programs: The “House of Hope” program provides women and children with shelter, and a range of support services like job training, life skills training, parenting training, counseling and helps to overcome addictions, and mental and emotional health counseling and treatment.

A transitional housing program like “Hope Family Housing” fosters self-sufficient living to men, women and children over a period of 6 months to 2 years.

The “Operations Hope/Strong Beginning” program reaches out to men, women and children who live in down-trodden, drug-dominated areas of Orange County and provides them with a wide variety of support services to lead a better quality life.

The “Village of Hope” provides more than shelter and food. It provides an opportunity for homeless individuals to stay together and grow self-sufficient through its many facilities. The “CASA de SALUD” is part of a network of community clinics which offers primary health care and other specialized health care to patients, 99.8% of whom are below the federal poverty line.

The “Mustard Seed Ranch” was established with the hope of helping hurting youth heal through animal-assisted programs. Official Website: