Programs by Rescue Mission

Name of organization: Durham Rescue Mission
State/County/City: Durham, North Carolina
Date of establishment: 1974

Programs: A men’s facility with 125 beds and a women’s and children’s division which provides shelter, clothing, three meals a day, assistance with finding jobs, financial planning, training for jobs, Biblical counsel to deal with addictions. Its services include a facility called “Good Samaritan Inn” which provides food and shelter to families who are victims of natural calamities, fire or other circumstances like lay-offs, addictions and financial insolvency.

Programs also include “Men’s Victory Program” ad “Women’s Victory Program” to train men and women for self-sufficiency. Its “Operation Warm Shelter” provides shelter from impending bad weather. The “Apprenticeship Program” is for those who are looking to become part of the rescue ministry.

Name of organization: Bay Area Rescue Mission State/County/City: Richmond, California Date of establishment: 1965 Programs: Emergency shelter and meals programs to men, women and small children; recovery programs which are aimed at all with drug and alcohol addictions and include vocational training, computer training, biblical training, family and life management instructions, and job placement. The Mission has a “Transitional Housing” program for those who after graduation from the recovery program are looking to launch themselves into the world independently. Other programs include the “Youth Intervention Program” to prevent homelessness. It has a “Food Pantry & Distribution Center” and a “Mobile Outreach” program in which volunteers pay weekly visits to the impoverished in the Bay Area to provide food, and spiritual sustenance. Website:

Name of organization: Muskegon Rescue Mission
State/County/City: Muskegon, Michigan
Date of establishment: 1907

Programs: Its “Women’s and Children’s Shelter” offers bedding, clothing assistance, financial counseling, spiritual counseling, relocation assistance, camping program for children and mentoring programs for children. Programs for men include providing shelter, clothing job training and placement assistance.