Jobs at the Peace Corps – Security Aspects

Safety and security of the volunteers is the main priority of the Peace Corps. Before volunteers are sent to different locations the Peace Corps makes a detailed assessment.

This organization trains volunteers to solve any kind of problem. As volunteers serve worldwide, sometimes in remote areas, they have to be very careful about health and safety risks. The volunteers are given guidelines to behave in manner that would not turn the locals against them. They are taught to carry out their volunteer activities in a manner that would not hurt local sentiments. It must be mentioned that volunteers may have to go sensitive locations, too.
The Peace Corps ensures that they have the latest information about the regions that their volunteers would be visiting. In fact, the ‘What About Safety’ section of the Peace Corps website gives detailed information on how the organization ensures the safety of its volunteers.


In case you are concerned about becoming sick in some remote location, you may feel assured to know the Peace Corps maintains a special medical unit for its volunteers. The medical unit ensures that each Peace Corps volunteer gets proper medication, and vaccination. The volunteers are informed and educated about the health issues of specific locations. In case a volunteer becomes very sick and needs hospitalization the Peace Corps ensures that he is taken to the nearest medical facility and in serious cases the volunteer is transported back to the US so that he can receive the correct medical treatment.