Peace Corps Volunteers


What do the Peace Corps volunteers do?

The Peace Corps volunteers work in various areas that include,

  • Business development
  • Education
  • Youth outreach
  • Agriculture and environment
  • Information technology
  • Health and HIV/AIDS
  • Community development


The volunteers of the Peace Corps work on different fields and areas of the world. Recently they have launched an Armenian computer center. This is also a part of their work schedule.


Apart from these, these volunteers also teach chemistry in a high school in Ghana, guide teenagers in Belize, promote HIV/AIDS awareness in Malawi. Further, they also guide retirees in the US to solve their retirement problems and queries regarding retirement benefits as well as savings. Basically, The Peace Corps volunteers are dedicated to work in a wide variety of fields. There are very few areas that the Peace Corps volunteers do

Percentage of volunteers by work area

  • Health and HIV/AIDS: 21%,
  • Education: 36%,
  • Agriculture: 5%
  • Environment: 14%,
  • Business: 15%,
  • Youth: 6% and
  • Other areas: 4%