Peace Corps Volunteers and the Community

How do the Peace Corps volunteers contribute to the community?

  • The volunteers who are working in the fields of education, community development and youth outreach, always try to introduce some innovative teaching methodologies. With the application of these teaching techniques, students are encouraged to think critically in the classroom. Overall, these methodologies are very helpful to create environmental awareness among the students.
  • The business development volunteers of the Peace Corps give emphasis to some fields. These fields include education, public organizations, cooperatives, private businesses, women’s, and youth groups.
  • On the other hand, the environmental volunteers encourage students to plant trees within their communities. Moreover, they also spread environmental awareness among the people of a community.
  • The agricultural volunteers of the Peace Corps work with farmers who have small amount of land. They teach environmental conservation practices to the farmers in order to increase the food production.
  • Health volunteers have vital role to perform. They educate as well as spread awareness in some major issues like purified drinking water and malnutrition. HIV/AIDS volunteers are also regarded as health volunteers. They provide proper information and guidance regarding HIV and AIDS.
  • Information technology (IT), and information and communications technology (ICT) volunteers help people to acquire computer and multimedia skills.