Peace Corps


What is the “Peace Corps?”

In the year 1960, Senator John F. Kennedy asked the students of the University of Michigan to take the challenge of serving their country with peace, by living and working in different developing nations. This was the first inspiration behind the foundation of an independent organization of the federal government. What we are talking about is the Peace Corps. This organization mainly works for world peace and friendship.

As a responsible senior of America, if you are interested in being a volunteer, you can also be a part of this organization. The Peace Corps is a famous self-governing organization in the US, dealing with various social problems and issues of the world.
The Peace Corps is widely famous as an autonomous federal agency operating in the US. This organization was established on 1st March in 1961 by Executive Order 10924. It was established by President John F. Kennedy to promote friendship and peace worldwide.

After its foundation, more than 190,000 volunteers have been asked to join this organization by around 139 host nations. Mainly, the volunteers of The Peace Corps work on different social issues ranging from environmental preservation, to AIDS education and education on information technology.

Present movements of the Peace Corps

These days, the Peace Corps is working on some vital fields like business development, and information technology. To continue the process of the President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, it has invited more than 1,000 new volunteers. The volunteers of The Peace Corps help numerous people who want to lead a better life with their families in a peaceful community. Moreover, the Peace Corps is working on issues that concern the society at large.