Hospice Volunteers


Hospice volunteers

Volunteers are an indispensable part of the hospice team and retirees can offer their services as hospice volunteers. Typically volunteers are required to devote a minimum of five hours to the care of patients. The responsibilities of hospice volunteers include:

  • Offering assistance to the family of the patients
  • Rendering help and support to the patients
  • Administrative and fund raising task
  • Bereavement support programs

So if you are someone who cares for your society and if you think you can bring a smile on a the faces of those who have no hope of living and their dear ones, then you could register yourself as a hospice volunteer too.

Where to get more information on hospices in the US?

In case, you would like to learn more about hospices in the US we suggest that you visit the website of Hospice Foundation of America, at “Information- HospiceFoundation.Org.” If you want to locate hospices near your locality, we suggest that you visit the “Hospice Directory” at “HospiceDirectory.Org.” The website “HospiceNet.Org” also offers detailed information on hospices in the US