How Habitat for Humanity Works


How Habitat for Humanity works…

Broadly speaking, Habitat for Humanity works with the help of volunteers in the following set-ups:

  • Habitat Affiliates -These units carry on the work at the local community level. Each is an independent, non-profit driven group involved in finalizing plots to build homes, arranging for mortgage services, donation of building materials, and securing of funds. They are responsible for enlisting volunteers and construction experts to complete their housing projects. Some affiliates are funded by grants from the HFHI.
  • Habitat Partner Organizations -Any organization that supports with building expertise and financial help is a Habitat Partner Organization. These could be governmental or non-governmental.
  • Habitat Resource Center – This could be either an actual building or a support network of skilled people offering their expertise in training local people on building techniques; relevant technology in producing cost-effective, standard building materials or even management of construction projects