Habitat for Humanity Programs


What is the Habitat for Humanity programs you can volunteer in?

  • Disaster Response Programs
    Habitat for Humanity is actively involved in rehabilitating people in natural disaster-affected areas around the world. The Home Delivery Operation is one such project that aims to rebuild hurricane-affected areas in Louisiana and Kentucky. Other countries around the world have also received the organization’s prompt support in the face of naturally caused and man-made emergencies. Such regions include Afghanistan after the 2002 earthquake, Gujarat in India after the 2001 earthquake, and Tsunami-affected regions in Asia in 2004.
  • Global Village Trips
    The global nature of Habitat for Humanity provides scope for volunteers to travel to foreign places and partner with affiliates of host countries to help build homes. This can be called “voluntourism”-a type of long distance volunteering activity. Such trips are often life transforming for volunteers as they get to interact and build strong friendships with people from different colors and races with whom they work.
  • Jimmy Carter Projects
    Nobel Peace Prize laureate Jimmy Carter has been associated with affordable home building projects of the Habitat for Humanity since 1984. His efforts have been directed at garnering funds, raising awareness about Habitat, and enlisting volunteers for the many international home building projects. South Korea, India and the Philippines have been beneficiaries of these projects.