Be a Part of Habitat for Humanity


How can you be a part of Habitat for Humanity?

Habitat for Humanity needs volunteers to reach its end goal, which is safe and affordable housing for people from low-income groups irrespective of geographical confines. It is a grassroots organization; therefore it looks for local community service partners or affiliates who are dedicated to the same cause. At the same time programs like Global Village need voluntary services of people who relish the experience of working with people from different countries and cultures. Since its foundation Habitat for Humanity has been utilizing the services of baby boomers who feel strongly about giving something back to society. With time to spare and a wealth of experience, expertise and compassion to share, Habitat for Humanity is a natural step for interested in community service. The involvement of baby boomers in such humanitarian missions has been amply supported by the government, which has made several grants to community service groups like Habitat for Humanity. In 2005 the Federal government awarded $1.4 million in grant to Habitat for Humanity to ensure retention of baby boomer volunteers. For the full story visit the newsroom section of