Educational Volunteer Opportunities-Where to Volunteer


Where to volunteer for educational volunteer opportunities?

One of the simplest ways of becoming an educational volunteer is to join one of the community programs in any of the religious communities of your neighborhood. Usually, religious communities have their social service programs and these provide a lot of scope for educational volunteer opportunities.

  • Various local schools and colleges provide educational volunteer opportunities for senior citizens and retirees. It will help if you contact them directly to find out about their programs.
  • Local museums also offer educational volunteer opportunities. Often, seniors and retirees are preferred to act as guides for educational tours conducted by these museums.
  • Adult education programs or lifelong learning programs (also known as continuing education programs) often provide great educational volunteer opportunities. You may contact your local education authorities to get further details.
  • “United Way of America” is a national organization that has educational volunteers working from around 1300 locations in the US. The volunteers can do their bit for the community by reading to children, or even conducting classes on financial literacy. There are loads of opportunities. This may be just the right opportunity for you. If you feel that this something you would like to get involved in, we suggest that you check the pages on “Volunteer”
  • “TeachForAmerica” is an organization that tries to ensure the best quality education for students all over the US. If you are really serious about teaching then we suggest you have a look at the “About Us” section at their website:
  • You may also consider joining the Peace Corps as an educational volunteer. Peace Corps also engages in volunteer activities outside the US. In case you would like to know more about Peace Corps, we suggest that you look up the “What Do Volunteers Do” section at
  • The Salvation Army is another organization in the US you may get in touch with if you are looking for educational volunteer opportunities. To know more about volunteers for the Salvation Army, you may check the “About Us” section at
  • The Salvation Army is an international organization. In case you would like to volunteer for similar programs outside the US, you may check at
  • You can also volunteer for the United Nations. The UN has numerous development programs all over the world, and if you are serious about helping the children of the third world countries it may be a good idea to browse through


Get Help from the Corporation for National and Community Service.

If you have made up your mind to be a part of the “educational volunteer opportunities” being offered by the US government, it may be a good idea to begin looking for them now. The Corporation for National and Community Service provides useful guidance on community service in the US. In case you want to know more about the Corporation for National and Community Service, we suggest you check the section titled “For Individuals” on their website: