Educational Volunteer Opportunities


Is this the right time to think about educational volunteer opportunities?

There are hundreds, actually thousands, of Americans like you who want to give something back to the community and make a difference to the world. All this while you must have been wondering-when will you get the opportunity to do something for others? And now, you have finally found the time! A growing number of seniors and retirees in the US are joining as educational volunteers.

If you have been a teacher or have been involved in the educational field, you need not be told about how rewarding “teaching” can be. It is an experience by itself to be able to open up a whole new world of literature, of numbers, and many other subjects to a child or an adult. Think of your favorite subject and how those classes must have helped you. It cannot be ignored that somewhere down the line someone-may be a parent or a teacher-had infused a liking for that subject in you.

By becoming an educational volunteer, you can have the opportunity to make a positive contribution towards your community and your nation. Education has the power to change lives. Becoming an educational volunteer is a great way of doing community service. So the only “right time” to become an educational volunteer is “now.”

Who benefits from the special educational programs in the US?

There are different segments of society that benefit from the numerous teaching programs:

  • Children who belong to the underprivileged sections of the society.
  • Children with disabilities (these include learning disabilities).
  • Adults who have not been able to complete their education.
  • School kids who can do with some extra help with their subjects.
  • Immigrants who are new to the US and would like to get some help in getting to know their “new” country.
  • People who are about to take their citizenship examinations.
  • Students who want guidance form online tutoring services.