Community Service – Things to Know before Getting Started


Match Your Volunteering Skills…

Teens, older adults, baby boomers – anybody can volunteer. There are quite a few organizations that would match your skills with the volunteer service that is ideal for you. Then, there is also the new concept of “voluntourism” – that is long distance volunteers. You can travel to distant places to help others. When you are getting started with volunteering – it’s “good-to-know” that are enough community service options and it’s a guarantee that you will find one that matches your interests and skills. At Future Years, we have listed some of the more popular community service options. When you are getting started with volunteering, you may also consider the following community services:

  • Teach for America

    Teach for America or TFA is determined to impart equal education to all. It enlists a number of volunteers from colleges who have had excellent academic records to teach at rural and urban public schools. TFA has seen around 17,000 volunteers participating in its program and it has brought about a change in the lives of 2.5 million students.

    For more information, we suggest that you check at “Teach for America,” on Future Years.

  • Hospice

    Hospice is a special care provided to terminally-ill patients and their families. When medicines can no longer cure, the hospice care volunteers move in to ensure that the last days of the patient are filled with comfort, care and dignity. The modern hospice movement began in the 1960s started by Dr. Cicely Saunders. The US currently has 3200 hospice programs and 400,000 hospice volunteers work for it.

    For more information, we suggest that you check at “Hospice,” on Future Years.

  • Salvation Army

    The Salvation Army was started by William Booth, a Methodist Minister in the year 1865 in London. Originally known as “The Christian Mission,” it was primarily started to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ among the poor, living in London’s East End. It also provided them food and shelter. Since then the Salvation Army has spread to more than 100 countries including the US. It carries out services like disaster relief, medical facilities, shelters for battered women, care for the elderly, AIDS education, rehabilitation for substance abuse and career and family counseling. It currently has more than 3.5 million volunteers.

    For more information, we suggest that you check at “Salvation Army,” on Future Years.

  • Rescue Mission

    Rescue mission is set up by Christian groups and are aimed at providing aid to the underprivileged and the sick at their cities or home countries. Several cities in the US like New York, Los Angeles and Denver have their own rescue missions.

    For more information, we suggest that you check at “Rescue Mission,” on Future Years.

For getting started with volunteering for community service, we suggest that you also check at the following websites: