Community Service

Have you always harbored a desire to make a difference in the lives of others, be an active member of the community you live in and contribute to its wellness? Maybe you have done some volunteer work before, but always found that you could not devote enough time to these services. If that has been the case so far, now is the right time for you to get involved in community service.

By getting involved in volunteer work you will be able to make the best use of your “free” time after retirement, and at the same time you will stay active. An added advantage is that you will be able to bond better with your community members.


What is community service?

Americans have always valued community service. It is the desire to be able to serve a purpose that is not confined by the boundaries of “self.” It is being an active participant in the community and its well-being. Cutting across age groups and backgrounds, there are a vast number of people that volunteer their services at hospitals, schools, churches and non-profit organizations.
Community service can be anything–when you volunteer to form emergency teams in your neighborhood or build homes for the poor or teach children with special needs or even when you join the drive to keep your neighborhood clean, you are doing something for your community.
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the US Census Bureau, the percentage of adult volunteers was 26.7 in 2006. Americans are volunteering today like never before and the baby boomers and those over 65 years form a large fraction of this population. Another survey says that 44 percent of the 55+ population volunteer at least once in a year. There are many volunteer organizations that prefer the services of older adults and retirees as they are able to devote a lot of time to these services.