Foods to Sharpen Your Memory

Maintaining a clear, agile mind is a key to enjoying all the retirement planning you did while still on the job. If you are like most retirees, the search for ways to keep the brain healthy has extended into a quest to find foods to sharpen your memory. When you consider 20 percent of all the calories you consume end up being used between your ears, it’s little wonder that what’s on your plate might be important. Thankfully, there’s a wealth of ongoing research into the relationship between eating and mental health, so developing a solid idea of the best choices is getting easier all the time. Next time you go to the grocery store, make sure to put these items in your cart:

Cruciferous vegetables

These “little trees” – broccoli, cauliflower, bok choy and others – contain a lot of antioxidants. These tiny chemical powerhouses are media darlings nowadays, being touted to help slow aging and mental decline. On top of that, they are high in fiber, which will help with digestive health and might even decrease our blood pressure. (The latter helps oxygen reach your brain with considerably less effort by the heart.)

Leafy greens

You always thought salads were for people trying to lose weight, didn’t you? Well, they can certainly benefit those looking to shed a few pounds, but they are also loaded with folic acid – a vitamin which studies have indicated might affect memory. Skip the romaine lettuce and go for the darker shades of green: spinach and kale, as well as collard, mustard, or turnip greens. Interestingly, these veggies are relatively high in calcium to keep your bones strong, too.

Dark colored berries

Much like the cruciferous vegetables, the deeper colors in certain berries indicate a higher presence of antioxidants. What’s more, they are filled with anthocyanins and flavonols, which have a protective effect on brain structure and, according to animal studies, might even help reverse memory loss. As if any of us needed a reason to get our hands on the sweet stuff, you can say you’ve got a basket full of strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, and cherries for the sake of your brain! If you can get them fresh from the farm, do so. In the off-season, take a stroll down the frozen foods aisle and pick up a pack without extra sugar added.

Catch of the day

In recent years, the positive effects of fatty fish like salmon and mackerel have come to light in a major way. Filled with omega-3 fats, which go on to become components of nerve cells in some cases, these sea dwellers ought to be the main course two or three times a week. If you are unable to make that happen, then consider a high-quality fish oil supplement. Research has shown a correlation between higher omega-3 levels and decreased incidence of dementia, as well as reductions in memory decline. Even an extra three years at your best (as one study showed) will make a dramatic difference in your quality of life down the line.

Health Insurance Benefits for seniors

Statements like “life is uncertain” and “your health needs to be insured” even though sound philosophical are true. This is truer, given today’s rat race and high competition, especially for the senior citizens. When we talk about insurance the most common and sought after category is the health insurance. Apart from the fact that it offers medical assistance and aid, there are also few special Health Insurance Benefits for Seniors. If you have been looking for one, options are available in abundance. Ask your insurance agent or do a research online and choose the one that best caters to your need and fits the budget.

Health insurance advantages for seniors

Various policies would have their own advantages and benefits. We have broadly categorized some of them below.

Gives you medical assistance
The first and foremost benefit of a health insurance scheme is to provide you medical help.  The plan takes into consideration your physical condition and the medical processes that you are following. It would cover you for that particular cost. Here, if you have any particular illness you would be covered for that.

Assistance varies as per age
For any health insurance plan for seniors, it is extremely important to ascertain the age. The health insurance companies have designed their medical plans keeping the age slab in mind.

Coverage when you are travelling
It is very important to take into consideration the health insurance coverage for seniors. Eminent companies design medical plan that would cover the senior citizens in terms of treatments, medical bills, surgeries, doctor assistance even while they are travelling.

Thus Health Insurance Coverage is a must to have a successful Retirement Planning.

Health Care for Seniors 

Longevity is a priceless gift which can be utilized to the fullest if you know which way to go. How youthful you’ll look, how long you’ll live are some of the common questions that can be answered only by you. We all know that aging is a natural process and nobody can avoid it, instead what we can do is slow down the overall process. And the ideal way to do so is to adopt adequate measures so as to take care of our health. There are multiple types of services that help seniors take care of their health.
At times these services are provided in your home, whereas, at times they are offered in your community. There are also times when the care is offered in a residential care setting like a long term care home, a supportive housing building or a retirement home. Health care for seniors is of crucial importance and helps them lower the stress that comes with illness, age or disability. In addition to taking adequate care of your health, opting for medical insurance policy resolves most of your medical problems. This is an ideal way through which you can cut short your medical expenses at the need of the hour. This will ensure a perfect Retirement Planning.
So, why delay further? Opt for the right measures and pave your way to a healthy life.

Health in retirement- Secrets to stay fit

People often think how to lead a healthy life post retirement. Well, to begin with retirement is a phase where many people experience a physical as well as psychological set back. The thought that you don’t have to go to office the next day is in itself quite depressing. But then, retirement is a part and parcel of life that we all have to accept, hence, the sooner we do it, the better it would be on our part. Health in retirement needs to be given immense importance. I would personally suggest you to keep your own self engaged in activities so as to combat illness and maintain good health. You need to chalk out a good health and fitness plan when in retirement. You can start off with the simplest form of exercise i.e. walking to boost your stamina and fitness level. Additionally, you can also sign up with a gym that runs special classes for senior citizens. Swimming is a good cardiovascular exercise that will help boost your fitness levels. Other activities that you can indulge in include golf, dancing, cycling and hiking. Exercising on a routine basis will improve your concentration and fitness levels and will boost your immune system. Last, but not the least, you need to also follow a balanced diet to ensure a healthy life post Retirement.

Tips on Looking Good at 50

Worried about your aging problem? We all know that aging is a naturally occurring process but then most of us fail to accept this reality. Don’t get disheartened, aging doesn’t necessarily imply that you’ve passed the best phase of your life. The good news is that beauty and style can be attained even if you are in your fifties. It’s just you need to have the right combination of beauty products, skin care and clothing. Let us check out a couple of Tips on looking good at 50.
Dress well and elegantly. Now, an elegant dressing style doesn’t necessarily imply that you will have to go for the designer outfits. If you think that a particular style gets along with your image then don’t feel hesitant to adopt it. When you are in your fifties try giving a glamorous touch to your look. Classic accessories and high quality jewelry will add style and glamour to your appearance.
Skin care and hair care are other factors that need to be considered. For example, choose a makeup shade or a hair color that will complement your look. Prefer choosing hair care and skin care products that are derived from pure natural ingredients. Cosmetics derived from oil or chemical ingredients may prove hazardous for aging skins. You can instead count on pure carrier oils and natural massage oils.
It would be a wrong idea to try appearing twenty years younger than your age. Hence, don’t go in for implants, tucks and facelifts, heavy beauty products and make up. Instead, if you want to look your best at 50, care for your body, lead an active life and above all follow a balanced diet.
An ideal way to look good at 50 is to live life to the fullest. Learn to maintain an optimistic approach towards life and relax. Follow the Tips on looking good at 50 and see the difference!

Planning retirement savings

Life is fraught with difficult questions. Some can be resolved smoothly and some may require a great deal of effort. But, as per retirement planning is concerned, there are so many ways to secure our future that we really needn’t worry. The common problem in this realm is we don’t know how much money needs to be saved for that better tomorrow.
According to survey results, about 44% of the American professionals along with 29% of mature adults of the age group 55 and more hold that they don’t know what percentage of money should be saved for retirement. However, some of the people belonging to the age bracket of 55 and more opine $250,000 or may be less than this should be sufficient when they retire. Moreover, President of ShareBuilder Dan Greenshields holds retirement savings need to be pretty much higher as in old age an individual is more prone to illness which results in greater healthcare and medical expenses.
According to Mr. Dan Greenshields, an individual’s retirement savings should be around $500,000 and $1 million. However, it may vary depending on the living style of the person. To be more precise, he added “If you live in a low cost state you need less because the cost of living is lower” and “If you live in Washington DC, New York, or Los Angeles, you need more.”
It has been found that as much as 20% of the American population nearing their retirement age believes that saving $500,000 should be adequate while 13% aims at $750,000 retirement savings. The survey reports also reflect that about 20% of Americans are trying to save $1 million minimum and 6% aiming at $1.5 million savings before retiring. About 8% of the American population is striving to maintain $2 million in their bank accounts for the retirement.
However, it is interesting to note a large number of Americans do not calculate savings for retirement in actual terms.  Almost 47% of them indulge in guesswork to decide the amount of savings to be adequate in their retirement age. In contrast, 29% of the Americans believe in doing their own research, 9% take the advice of the financial consultants and another 9% rely on the retirement calculator. Those who calculate their retirement savings on their own consider factors like healthcare and living costs, inflation, income at retirement age and Social Security income.

The Impact of Recession on Retirement

It has hit the world drastically in an unprecedented manner; it has shaken the whole world as never before. The recent recession has resulted in a series of job loss, financial market loss, drastic fall in the real estate values and a lot more setback. And the wave has also reached to the retirees and also to those who are in verge of their retirements. They are certainly feeling the heat of it.
As the recession destabilizes the world economy, one of the segments that feels its heat at the very first instance is surely the job market. Organizations need to go for cost-cutting, which resulted in cutting down of manpower. Many had to lose their jobs in the recession. According to an AARP survey, 30 percent of the Americans in the age group of 45–64 have escaped layoffs, but have had to settle for a pay cut. 29 percent of them have ceased to contribute to various investments like 401(k), IRA and others. 18 percent have withdrawn their funds from these accounts prematurely. According to the executive Vice President of AARP, Nancy LeaMond, this population of 45 to 64 age-groups is particularly squeezed. This economical downturn has left them in such a squeezed state where they hardly focus on their own financial and retirement security as they have to take care of their aging parents as well as their children.
Recession is also having an impact on the state of health of people, especially to this 45 – 64 population. With a rise in the health cost, they are required to pay more to their health insurance premium. 22 percent have faced this problem where they have been asked by the health insurer or their employer to pay the extra amount. As a result, 9 percent, being unable to pay the higher premium, lost their health insurance coverage. 27 percent are also having problems in paying their medical bills. People have to take some unusual means to cut down the medical care expenses, which may prove to be quite harmful sometimes. Many have cut down their necessary medical or dental work; some cut their pills in half or even skipped the doses.
The impact of recession can also be seen in the driving habit of the seniors. Many have cut down on driving in order to reduce the fuel costs. Some have also opted out of their gym membership.

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Healthcare Insurance Tips For Seniors

HealthCare Tips for Seniors

In order to be fit and healthy even at old age, you need to follow some proper health care benefits. Healthcare of seniors is given good importance in the US and there are many benefits that are available for the retirees and aged Americans. You need to follow some health care tips to be fit even if your age is passing by.

Proper health care is essential for the aged in order to maintain a descent lifestyle and be stress free. With the soaring health care costs, it is vital that proper health care tips are followed to prevent against various health related complications and be fit. Ideally, health tips include opting for a number of health care benefits and also leading a good lifestyle.

Opting for a proper retirement health insurance program is one of the vital tips that the older adults should follow. As most aged depend on fixed sources of income to pay for their medical care, a health insurance policy can do a yeoman’s service to them. The retirement insurance benefits are major sources of paying for the health care in the US. Most of the health insurance plans also cover those who are fully or partially disabled.

Medicare is the national health care insurance program in the US. It is a federally sponsored health care program which provides a number of health care benefits. For lower income people, Medicaid is the right health insurance plan. It usually covers retirees and their families, low income Americans and parents and people of lower income.

In addition to these, you can also opt for other private health care insurance benefits. There are many short term and long term benefits which provide good retirement benefits. However, the applicant needs to pay the premiums.

To be fit and healthy, you need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. A healthy body makes you happy in the mind and also enlivens your inner confidence. In order to stay fit, maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle. Try to eat more fruits, vegetables and food items with low calorie and rich in calcium and vitamin D. Drink at least of water. Some workouts or exercise can also complement your health lifestyle. To back it up, try to visit the doctor and get check ups done at least once in two months.

Proper mental health is also needed to have healthy retirement lifestyle. Being happy and taking care of your mental health is also a major health care tip To make your mind stress free, have a healthy lifestyle free from stress, socialize and be engaged