Fun Activities for Senior Citizens

Moving from the workforce into your golden years will provide an abundance of free time, something most people have trouble dealing with than they would like to admit. For many, the confusion is lifted when they discover all the fun activities for senior citizens created by local clubs and organizations. Research continues to shine light on the necessity of social interaction and exercise as a means to live a vibrant, fulfilling life for as long as possible – but how do you go about it? Though the best way is to see if you can connect with others (either individuals or organizations) about new hobbies, here are a few ideas for you to try:


Crossing a treasure hunt with the fresh air of going for a hike in the woods, you’ll find this a great way to get some exercise outside of your typical gym. Helpful guides are provided by a national association, which will give you insight into the materials necessary, planting procedures, and what to do when you find one.


Long known as an enjoyable way to gather mementos and photos, this is a great way to share memories with loved ones. Some people like to create individual books for each grandchild, providing them with pictures and stories from when the little one entered the world.


Much like scrapbooking, this is an opportunity to gather your thoughts about the life you’ve lived as you walk down memory lane. Many families lament the fact there are scant written records of a grandparent’s history when it’s too late, so spending some time chronicling your thoughts and experiences – from childhood to this morning – will give them something to cherish and pass down.


Sure, you might know how to waltz and fox trot, but how about something with a little flair? The coordination required to pull off a good tango or salsa requires your brain and body to work together in different ways, meaning your fun class will do a lot for your mental and physical health.


If your doctor has given you the all-clear for vigorous exercise, think about doing something other than meeting with a personal trainer. Many organizations have created “Masters” leagues specifically for retirees in sports as varied as table tennis and soccer, giving you the chance to relive your glory days – or make some new ones!


The dropping costs and increasing quality of your average digital camera has opened the world to shutterbugs of all skill levels. And, since you can review the photo immediately after you take it, you have a better chance of getting the perfect shot.

Jewelry Making

Have some pent up creative energy? There are all sorts of ways to turn your artistic desires into beautiful necklaces and bracelets – or more, as your skills grow. Walk the aisles of your nearest hobby shop to find some beads, then let your imagination run wild.

Play an Instrument

Those of us that didn’t want to take piano lessons when we were young often end up wishing we had followed through later. Why not take a stab at learning how to play now? There are a variety of instruments out there and plenty of places to take classes, so you don’t have any excuses!

How to Enjoy Your Retirement

One thing everyone looks forward to when it comes time for retirement planning is the amount of hours freed up for leisure. There’s something about breaking away from the daily grind that elicits a sigh of relief from even the most dedicated workers. It’s almost as if you suddenly regain all those hours lost to commuting and late nights at the office, right? How do you fill them? It would be easy to just do more of what you already love, but you might find it’s not really how to enjoy your retirement  hobbies are as diverse as the people celebrating their last day of work. Be adventurous! Find some new interests, it’s good for your health in many ways. Here are a few ideas:

Back to School

You may not be in the mood to enroll in college – though you certainly can – but chances are good your local university will offer a wide range of courses tailored specifically to retirees. Want to learn how to use the computer? Have an interest in meteorology? Engage your brain in whatever pursuits catch your fancy.


With the prevalence of good digital cameras at affordable prices, it’s easy to let your inner shutterbug run wild all over town. Snap all the pictures you can, then use your newfound computer skills to edit them, post them on the internet, or to even print and sell!


Have a cause that’s near and dear to your heart? Connect with local organizations helping to meet those needs. You might decide to serve breakfast to the homeless in the morning and spend your afternoons teaching underprivileged children how to read. There are a number of opportunities to help, so do some asking around.

Take Up a Sport

It’s no secret that exercise is a key part of remaining active for as long as possible. Some like to walk, others like to run, but why not go in a completely different direction? Local activity centers often set up “Masters” leagues in everything from badminton to swimming. In addition to providing you with a way to meet people, you’ll get the thrill of learning a new game.


Some afterschool programs, in an effort to encourage the imaginations of children, invite those who can spin a good yarn to sit with a handful of kids and create fanciful tales of knights in shining armor or distant worlds. Think of it as a way to tell a bedtime story during the day, except the audience will hear every word.

Show Dogs

If you love animals, you could have a good time presenting them at pet shows. Whether you have a well-behaved beagle at home or simply have a way with birds, you might find the ability to walk a neighbor’s dog or train cats becomes a fun way to spend your day.

Amateur Radio

Retirees who are technologically inclined (or have grandchildren that are) have become part of the fastest-growing demographic among Internet users. A small investment in equipment – if your computer doesn’t already have the capability – and some basic skills with the web can help you share your wisdom with the world about anything you want.

How to Enjoy your Retirement – Handy Tips

Is your retirement soon approaching? These coming years will mark the last quarter of your life. Hence, make sure to live your life to the fullest during the retirement years. Now, the question is what is it that will bring the greatest feeling of pleasure and accomplishment post retirement? Check out the Retirement Fun section  and lead a secured and happy life post retirement.
Money is not always the sole factor that will cheer you up after retirement. Instead, you can also boost up your spirits by spending quality time with your grandkids and spouse.  You can also learn how to play an instrument or try your hands at crafts or fishing. Another post retirement planning idea includes opting for online puzzles or crosswords.
If you have a passion for books but had lost all contacts with them because of your hectic work schedule, now is the time to re-ignite the passion.
Everything depends on your priorities and the way in which your reorganize your likes and preferences. So friends, pull up your socks and experiment with the how to enjoy your retirement-handy tips included here. Enjoy your free hours and do all those things that you have always wanted to but couldn’t because of your work.