Retirement Jobs


Do you want to earn some money by exploring some hobbies? Do you need some extra cash to enhance your savings? Do you want to get involved in community improvement programs after retirement? If yes, then you can look for ideal retirement jobs and have an enjoyable experience.

In the twenty-first century “no work” concept is becoming a dying phenomenon. With innumerable prestigious retirement jobs on offer, you do not have to sit idly at your home and become mentally irritated and physically inactive anymore. Working after retirement is the best way to keep you mentally happy and physically inactive.

Need for Retirement Jobs

Life is unpredictable, and so is the economic condition of the nation. You cannot rely solely upon your investment funds or savings anymore. After the recession and liquidity crunch of 2007, there has been a huge drop in the US stock market in the year 2008. This led to significant losses in the 401k funds. After that jobs for retirees became a necessary and important option. Though the economy has recovered by great heights and is still on its way to further improvement, it should be better to find jobs after retirement and earn something extra.

Types of Retirement Jobs

With the advent of Internet and modern technologies, you don’t need to put up a placard saying “I need a job” or search jobs frantically in the local newspapers, which would match your passion and experience. If you need a job, you can just for real jobs online and get paid for really what you love to do. These jobs will be as per your choice and not out of necessity. So, not only you will follow your passion, but LIVE IT. Some of the most common types of jobs for retirees are as follows, some of which are explained in details-

  • Teacher
  • Tour Guide
  • Consultant
  • Finance Consultant/Clerk
  • Customer Greeter
  • Home Handyman
  • Real Estate Agent
  • Retail Sales Clerk
  • Caterer
  • B&B Owner/Manager/Innkeeper
  • Computer/Internet Related
  • Arts n Crafts Related
  • Home Care Assistant
  • Interior Designer


Becoming a consultant after retiring from your current job can be rewarding. In terms of getting an additional income and also in self-fulfillment, this type of job can be very much worthwhile. As you have gained experience and knowledge at your full time job over years, it would be best to become consultant in that area and take full advantage of that accumulated expertise and knowledge. You need to sell yourself and convince others that you have the best possible solution to their problems. You have to market yourself saying that you have faced a wide variety of problems in that particular field and have conquered those successfully.


Imparting knowledge is a very good option for seniors. Jobs for retired teachers are the perfect career choice for those who like to interact with the fresh young minds and keep themselves updated on their specific fields. This is one of the most prestigious and hassle-free method of earning a handsome income. With online teaching, you do not have to leave your place as well. You just need to get in touch with the companies that help you in starting your post-retirement career. You need to undergo some special training in handling online teaching tools like white-interactive board, touch pen and other such things. For online teaching you just need a computer with internet access, speakers and webcam. The further training and apparatus needed for teaching are usually provided by the organization where you will register.

Internet Entrepreneurship Another suitable job for seniors is the one involving Internet entrepreneurship. You can start any business as per your affordability and passion. The job responsibility involves maintaining a website on any topic of your interest. If your writings are good enough and can generate a high traffic, you will start earning quite a fair amount of money from the website’s advertisements. You can set up your own blog from many authentic sites totally free of cost. Once you start writing quality articles you will get paid advertisements.

Online Trader

You can become a successful online trader by selling any product or services. You can join any affiliate program and advertise it by writing blogs/articles about it in your blog/website. For each sale you will receive a commission. You can get check out different affiliate program sites and start earning money.

Retail Sales Representative

If you have been a retail employee all through your career, you will get an opportunity to get rehired by the employers. As you are the people who know the latest trends and strategies in the specific field, the employers will be too happy to give responsibility to you.


If cooking has been your passion then you could turn this into a business and earn a profitable income. You can start a part-time catering service, supplying mouth-watering cuisines to business events or small residential parties. You can send emails or call your friends, neighbors and relatives and let them know about the new venture. If your services and food is good, within a short period of time you will earn in thousands.

Apart from the jobs mentioned above, you can also earn something extra by working as interior designer, real estate advisor, finance consultant, and so on. If you want some entry level jobs, then going for data entry work would be the best. When you are looking for a job or applying for one, make sure that the task brings mental satisfaction as well. You can also start your own art n craft business by making handicrafts and selling them. You have to let the world know that you want to earn some extra cash in an honest way. You will be surprised to see so many helping hands coming forward to let your achieve your financial goal.

There are numerous retirement job opportunities. Prior to start searching for retirement jobs you need to think and recognize your passion and how you can help others while enjoying yourself as well. You can also take help of an online retirement calculator and do calculation on the savings you would need to meet all your requirements. Once everything matches, you can start earning and increase your savings to ensure a stable financial future.