Work from Home after Retirement


Starting on your own


Do you really want to work for someone else in your second career? You have given your best years to the corporation you work for, and helped them to the top. Now, you may be feeling that you need a new challenge. So why not become self-employed? The easiest step towards self-employment is to make a career out of your hobby. Many people who have pursued carpentry, pottery, writing or music in their leisure time have turned to these hobbies in their post retirement days to make money. You may find that you’re earning as much as you would have on a full time job, and best of all, you can choose the assignments that interest you.


Work from home – Have more time for family and friends


If you have worked away from home all your life, your family must really miss your presence. Post retirement, you can make up for all those family celebrations you missed by spending more time at home. There are many options for working from home today, which are perfect if your health does not permit you to commute to work every day or you want to give more time to the people you love.

Agencies like Helium give you the opportunity of sharpening your writing skills and make money from the articles you write. You can also earn by writing “paid survey reviews” or “mystery shopping reviews”. Other work-from-home options include working as an online tutor, a medical billing specialist or a medical transcriptionist.