Part-time jobs for seniors


If you are a senior American looking for a part time retirement job, there are plenty of par time job options for you these days. A second career option can keep you happily busy, and you also get the opportunity of staying in touch with society. Apart from that, a part time jobs  helps you maintain the kind of lifestyle you had before you retired, because you can often earn a fair amount of money from your second job.

Some Interesting Part Time Jobs for Seniors:-

Start a career as a freelance writer:

Freelancing or freelance writing can be a great option for you in your retired life. If you have some wonderful stories to share with everyone, you can definitely opt for the job of part time freelance writer. Freelance writing allows seniors in the US to share their stories with the whole world. Moreover, it can also be done from your home.

Put your crafts skills to use:

If you have an interest in crafts, you can make money by selling handcrafted items. Apply your skills of craft making and earn from a part time job that you will also enjoy. Many companies are taking advantage of the latest craze for handicrafts by opening their own crafts. You can send samples to these companies, which can sign contracts with you to market your handcrafted products.

Part time job for seniors – Consulting:

For seniors in the US, consulting is a great part time job. You already have a lot of experience in your first career, and you can share your experiences and guide other companies to work better. There is an option to continue this job from your home depending a lot on the internet.

Bring a smile to a person’s face – Deliver flowers part time:

If you are a senior who wants to do something touching, you can deliver flowers part time. You will get the chance to meet people bring a smile to their faces. To work at delivering flowers, you need to be able to drive a car.

Catering can be an ideal part time job for you:


Catering jobs can be both part time and full time second career option. If you want to pursue a part time catering job, you can either work for any of the catering companies in the US, or start on your own as a small-time caterer. You will need to supply food at family functions, birthday parties, or dinner parties.

Summer seasonal jobs:

In the summer months, you can get a variety of part time jobs in the US. If you enjoy working outdoor and also enjoy a small amount of physical activity, then you can try some interesting summer seasonal jobs.

During the summer, many gift and souvenir shops hire seniors. You can try your hand at selling stuff and interacting with travelers. Restaurants and outdoor food vendors also hire people during summer as it is the best time for tourism in the US.