Job Options for a Second Career


There are ample job for you that you can pursue even after retirement. With ample time in your hands, you can keep yourself busy by going for these jobs, based on your liking and skills.

Listed below are some of the career options for seniors that one can go for.

Job options for a second career

Nonprofit Executive – If you want to make use of the financial and management skills you picked up as a corporate worker, you can become a Nonprofit Executive. Previous experience as a not for profit worker is not a must, but appreciated. The job profile includes managing activities in a non-profit organization, formulating fund-raising strategies, and creating contract proposals. You can earn an average of around $60,000 every year on this job.

Patient Representative – According to the AARP, healthcare companies are among the top companies that employ 50+ workers. The job profile includes acting as a liaison between patients and doctors and explaining policies and procedures to patients. You can earn an average of around $40,000 every year on this job.

Financial Adviser – In this job, you need to analyze the investment decisions of businesses and individuals and help them make the right choices. Incidentally, retirement planning forms a major chunk of a financial adviser’s job. The job requires a Bachelor’s degree in finance, accounting, business, economics, law or mathematics, along with certification to become a financial planner. You can earn an average of $65,000 every year on this job.

Public School Teacher – Today, there are certification programs exclusively for 50+ workers that help you become a teacher. You will need at least a Bachelor’s degree to become a teacher in the US. You will also need to attend a teacher education program. As a public school teacher, you will have a fulfilling career teaching a new generation of Americans. Besides, you will have a long summer vacation as well! You will make an average of $45,000 dollars every year on this job.

College Professor – You need a Bachelor’s, plus a Master’s degree in the subject you want to teach. You also require a minimum of 2-4 years of experience in your field of choice. You will have to prepare and deliver lectures, administer and grade examinations and lead classroom discussions. You will earn an average of $40,000 annually on this job.

Residential Real Estate Appraiser – This job requires you to investigate the overall quality and condition of a property and estimate its fair market value. You need to have 2,000 hours apprentice training and state certification along with a Bachelor’s degree for this job. You will be able to earn around $40,000 every year on this job.

Some of the other jobs for the second half of your life that AARP mentions are:

  • Bank tellers
  • Home care assistants
  • Security screeners
  • Tour guides
  • Floral assistants
  • Customer greeters

You will also be able to find employment in the following fields:

  • Security services
  • Business and marketing services
  • Communications
  • Transportation and travel
  • Retail
  • Telecommunications
  • Health care
  • Finance and insurance

Job search tips for 50+ Americans:

  • Start your job search well before retirement
  • Try not to compromise on job-satisfaction in your second career
  • Have a plan of action for your job search – don’t look to drift into a new job
  • Browse job websites for older workers
  • Look for jobs in your local newspaper
  • Keep your resume updated.
  • Consider a company that has a preference for employing seniors
  • Look for jobs within your industry
  • Consider careers like counseling, consulting or mentoring

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