Career with Social Responsibility


Why choose a career with social responsibility?

If you’re a senior in the US who is worried about loneliness after retirement, you’re not alone. Even though many baby boomers are looking to extend their careers or searching for second career options for financial security, you may be a senior who already has a foolproof financial plan in place for your retirement. This means that for you, looking for a second career option is not as much about money as about keeping yourself from becoming too lonely after you retire.

All your life, you have felt privileged to live and work in America. You have been thankful for the comfort and support you have got from society. You know, however, that there are many people in the US and throughout the world who are not as privileged as you. Poverty, disease, disabilities, accidents and war are just some of the reasons why people are suffering worldwide. Would you like to do something for them?

Helping people cope with adversity will be a fulfilling experience for you, as it has been for seniors like Lillian Carter (mother of President Jimmy Carter), who served as a Peace Corps volunteer in India at age 68! Many retirees today are taking up careers with social responsibility in not-for-profit organizations that will allow them to make a difference in the lives of people who have no one else to help them.