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4 Ways to Join the FutureYears Discussion

August 9th, 2011 admin No comments

Want to participate in the community here on FutureYears? Make this a part of your Retirement Planning to come up and share your views. You can now do so by using your Facebook or Twitter ID! Just click on the appropriate logo under “Post Success Stories With” in the center of the home page and you will be asked to sign in to the social network you’ve chosen. After a simple click to authorize connecting your profile to FutureYears, you can begin posting questions and providing answers. Of course, if you’d prefer to have a separate account, you can go through the steps on the registration page.

Once inside, you’ll be directed to My Dashboard. Below are a few common questions:

How do I ask a question?

Begin by clicking on the “Ask a Question” button, which will take you to the creation page. There will be two fields for you to fill out: the upper one for the topic you’re interested in (Life Insurance, Home Health Providers, etc.) and the lower one for the question itself. Once you have filled both in, click the “Create” button and your question will be posted to the forum. As people begin to respond, you can click the “My Questions” link on the dashboard and pick the corresponding question you would like to read to see answers from the community.

How do I answer a question?
Begin by clicking “View All Q n A” on the dashboard. This will have a list of recent questions and, if applicable, any answers that have been given. Simply click on the “read more…” link and you’ll be directed to the appropriate page. Once there, you can read through all the responses, then supply your own thoughts by filling in the box at the bottom and clicking the “Comment” button.
If you’ve asked a question and want to answer your own, you can do so by following these instructions or clicking the “My Questions” link and selecting the appropriate question. Once again, you’ll merely have to enter your ideas into the box at the bottom and click “Comment” to add them to the discussion.

How do I start a discussion group?
From the dashboard, click on “Start New Group” and you will be directed to the correct page. Name the group you’d like to begin (Investment Tips, e.g.) and add in three primary topics (investments, stocks, bonds, e.g.). After that, add a primary location to help people understand how your thoughts might be more relevant to them. Before clicking “submit” you’ll want to add a group description, as it will help new members understand the direction of the group before joining up.
After you’ve clicked “submit,” your group will be listed under the “My Groups” tab on the dashboard and in the left column of discussion pages. Once you click on the group’s name, you’ll be directed to the page where comments can be submitted. On the right side you’ll find a “Join this Group” button. Once you’ve subscribed to the group, you’ll be able to click the “Start Discussion” button, give your discussion a topic and create a description, which will serve as the first post.

How do I join a discussion group?

There are two separate ways to go about this, as you’ll see “Search Groups” and “Search Discussion” buttons on the dashboard. If you have a general idea of what you’re looking for or a place you’d like to see the information come from, click “Search Groups.” Here, you can enter a topic (retirement communities, e.g.) or location and look for groups based on that information. If you know of a specific discussion you’d like to join, then click the “Search Discussion” button and enter the name (Dating After 50, for example) then click the “Search Threads” link to be directed to it.
Once you’ve found a group you’d like to connect to, click the “Join this Group” button on the right side of the screen. From there you’ll be able to contribute by clicking on the individual thread, typing in your thoughts and clicking the “Comment” button.

Retirement Hobbies

January 27th, 2011 admin No comments

Is the thought of getting retired worrying you? Do you feel that there’s no life after retirement? Well, you don’t have to worry, in fact, for some, life starts post retirement and you too can one amongst them. Just go in for activities that you have always loved to indulge in, but never really got the time to participate in. In simple words, come up with your favorite Retirement Hobbies and see how they help you pass your time!

Do you have a passion for poems? Well, poetry has much more than Spencer’s sonnets, it’s in fact, a great way that keeps your mind engaged without causing any stress to your body. If you are an adventure lover, then why not go in for fishing? It’s an enjoyable and relaxing retirement hobby that pre-occupies you post retirement.

There are multiple organizations which need volunteers. Say for instance, you are good at managing kids, now in that case, you can always try your hands in tutoring. Similarly, you can work as a coordinator with the Red Cross. What is intended out here is that volunteering being a sociable and rewarding option makes you feel useful and offers you an opportunity to be an effective part of the community.

There’s no end to options, go in for any Retirement Hobbies that you find interesting and see how it helps you stay engaged! In some ways Retirement Hobbies have a role to play in your Retirement Planning.